Solar Modules for Businesses

Solar Modules for Businesses

Office buildings and commercial spaces consume high levels of electricity to function smoothly. Electricity and utility bills contribute a large portion to your business operating costs, by switching to solar energy you can lower these costs considerably. Offices and businesses can install solar modules to reduce energy costs associated with pre-heating ventilation air, water heating, solar cooling and lighting and electricity. Commonly, office buildings consume the most power during the daytime, which makes them an ideal candidate for solar modules.


Installing solar modules to generate energy for your commercial building is a great way to use Triple Bottom Line accounting methods to demonstrate a commitment to people, profits and sustainability.


A Reliable Expert Solar Module Installer for Business Parks in Alberta


If you are looking to upgrade to solar energy for your commercial building in Alberta, we can help with the process. Kite Electric is a one-stop solution for installing, maintaining, and repairing solar modules for commercial buildings and warehouses of various scales. 



How Do Solar Modules Work for Commercial Spaces?

  • Solar panels generate DC electricity, which is inverted to AC electricity (120/240V) during the day time.
  • Solar panels remain dormant during nights until there is enough light to turn on.
  • If more energy is required, it is automatically imported from the grid with no delay.
  • If excess energy is generated, it is sold back to your retailer for a credit on your electricity bill. Energy (kWh) exports are monitored through a bidirectional meter.

As the price of electricity goes up over time, so will your savings. Enjoy decades of profitability without the volatility of increasing electricity prices with Kite Electric Ltd.

The Process of Installing Kite Electric’s Solar Modules

Several business parks are taking a step towards running more efficiently. You can do the same by installing solar energy to your commercial space. If you are planning to convert your commercial building to use solar energy, here is what you can expect: 

  1. Start with a FREE solar appraisal and site assessment for your commercial park.

  2. Receive a proposal detailing ideal solar energy options for your property – based on factors such as property size, monthly usage (kWh), load demand, property location. 

  3. Kite Electric will pull required permits, complete necessary applications, and paperwork. Our team of certified master electricians will perform the solar power installation.

  4. Upon completion, a free online monitoring platform will allow you to monitor your usage and savings.

If you intend to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial property or business, we will provide your business with a reliable and stress-free installation process.  This will allow you to focus on your return on investment and best practices. 


Why Choose Kite Electric?

      • We have a team of certified electricians who are experienced and resourceful.

      • We offer custom packages to meet your exact needs, outlining the various sizes and component options that will suit you.

      • We believe in complete customer satisfaction. We will not just fulfill your work request but also provide additional value to you.

      • We provide flexible financing options. We are partnered with the Alberta Treasury Branch to provide low-interest loan options for Solar Energy installations.

Apart from solar panel installations, we also provide an array of electrical repair, installation, inspection, and upgrade services for commercial spaces in Edmonton, Jasper, and Tofield. 

So why wait? Take a step towards a better future and smarter power usage with Kite Electric Ltd.