Solar Energy


At Kite Electric we are passionate about helping our clients find ways to become more energy efficient.  In many cases this leads to a discussion around whether solar is a suitable option.  If you are looking for ways to achieve your renewable energy goals, viewing the below video is a great starting point!   


Solar Energy Installations for Homes


An increasing number of homeowners in Alberta are installing solar modules to take a step towards affordability and smart energy use. Converting to solar energy enables you to conserve energy and save money almost immediately following the installation. Solar energy offers homeowners long-term savings because it’s essentially free to capture rays from the sun, which in Alberta we receive in abundance. In addition, using solar energy moves you away from consuming conventional resources to using a clean energy source that you can feel proud of. Solar modules also extend the life expectancy of a roof by protecting it from the elements, such as rain, snow and debris.

Your Local, Expert Solar Energy Installer in Alberta


If your dream is to transform your property into something that runs on clean and sustainable energy, we have the solution! Kite Electric is committed to providing exceptional solar energy solutions to our clients. Our goal is to leave you feeling impressed by our innovative solar energy solutions, offered at affordable prices.


The City of Edmonton is currently offering the following rebate to encourage the adoption of Solar energy with our city.  The rebate being offered is $0.40/watt, with a cap of $4000.  Now is a great time to move to solar energy and take advantage of this incentive!  Check out the link to the City of Edmonton program details:

How Do Solar Modules Work?


● Solar modules generate DC electricity, which is inverted to AC electricity (120/240V) during the day.

● Solar modules remain dormant throughout the night until there is sufficient sunlight to reactivate.

● If additional energy is required, it is automatically imported from the grid with no delay.

● If excess energy is generated, it is sold back to your local retailer for a credit on your electricity bill. Energy (kWh) exports are monitored through a bidirectional meter.

Getting Started With Kite Electric’s Solar Design and Installation Services


We are a one-stop solar energy solution in Alberta. If you are planning to make a switch to solar energy usage in your home, here’s what our process looks like.

1. Begin with a FREE solar appraisal and provide Kite Electric with some general information to help get us started.

2. Receive a proposal from our end detailing a few different options for your property, such as the area of your house, usability, and your lifestyle.

3. We will complete all permits, grants and paperwork required on your behalf. We will dispatch our certified electricians to perform the solar power installation.

4. Upon completion, you can track your savings for decades by using a free online monitoring platform.

Why Choose Kite Electric?


● Have a team of certified electricians who are highly skilled and resourceful.

● Customize projects to meet your specific needs, outlining the various sizes and component options that best suit you. 

● Provide outstanding customer service bound to exceed your expectations.

● Provide flexible financing options, we are partnered with the Alberta Treasury Branch to provide low-interest loan options for your Solar Energy installation.

We look forward to answering any additional questions and discussing your specific requirements. Please contact us for more details. 


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